El Spark 10 M dispone de los siguientes módulos y modos de detección:

    • Absorbance: 200nm – 1000nm, end point, multiple end points, kinetics and ultra-fast scan
  • Automated z-Focusing: for top and bottom fluorescence, TRF and FP measurements
  • Cell Counting Module: total counts, viability, size-distribution, cell swelling and bright field imaging for up to 8 samples per run
    • Cuvettes adapter: absorbance endpoint and kinetic measurement and spectral reading
    • Fluorescence intensity: 230nm – 900nm, top and bottom reading – incl. FRET, TRF and HTRF Ex/Em/3D scan
    • Fluorescence polarization: filter, monochromator, or Fusion Optics
  • Fusion Optics: filter and monochromator in the same measurement
  • Gas Control Module: O2 and CO2 regulation inside the plate reader
  • Injector: one or two reagents per well, reagent protection, reagent recovery, optional with heater and stirrer
  • Labware: 1 to 384 well plates, cuvettes, Cell ChipsTM, NanoQuant Plate™
  • Lid lifter: automated, enhanced gas exchange, reagent injection, sample protection
  • Luminescence:, Flash-, Glow-, and Multicolor (360nm – 700nm) (with 38 filters) for applications as BRET, with a Single Photon Counting Detector and dynamic range (log9)
  • MultiCheck QC-package: rapid function check for end-user
  • Magellan™: Comprehensive data reduction and wavelength scanning with software
  • NanoQuant Plate: low volume measurement (2 μL) of up to 16 sample in all measurement modes (Fluorescence, Absorbance, Luminescence)
  • Shaking: orbital, double orbital and linear with variable amplitude
  • SparkControl™: FREE reader control software with raw-data export in Windows Excel®
  • Temperature control: ambient temperature +4°C up to +42°C, uniformity <0,5°C
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